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This page is for keeping track of known bugs in the Java-based BlackBerry OS (version 4.x through 7.x). Think of it as a "bug blotter" of sorts, and feel free to add content whenever you discover issues other developers might want to know about. Hopefully a sensible organization will emerge over time.

Title: Dialog is not shown after calling
Version(s): Early builds of 5.0, possibly some early 6.0 builds as well.
Details: In certain BlackBerry OS 5.0 releases, a ControlledAccessException may be thrown if

the FilePicker API is used on an actual device. There have been other bugs seen on BlackBerry OS 6.0 that cause an Error or a NoClassDefFoundError to be thrown if the FilePicker API is used. These issues are hopefully fixed on most common in-market builds, but were definitely present in some of the OS builds that certain 5.0 and 6.0 devices originally shipped with.

This may also be the bug officially documented as JAVAAPI-830 or JAVAAPI-1554.

Title: MIMEInputStream fails to parse certain messages with folded headers
Version(s): 5.0
Details: If a raw MIME message has folded headers, following the standard RFC compliant

approach for dealing with long header lines, the system MIMEInputStream class may throw exceptions during parsing. The workaround for this bug is to preprocess the message source to unfold the headers and replace HTAB indentations with spaces.

This bug appears to have been fixed as of OS 6.0.

Title: With your app installed, users see device startup errors and cannot play certain media types
Version(s):,,, (possibly others)
Details: When the phone restarts with your app installed, users are greeted with a popup dialog containing an error with a message similar to the following:

Uncaught exception: A browser content provider for video/3gpp MIME type has already been registered with the browser.

This can happen on the affected OS, if your app uses the content handler APIs to register support for handling any of the following media types: "video/mp4", "video/3gpp".

This is due to an OS bug, and the only known workaround is to simply not register content handler support for those types on the affected OS versions.

Title: Display.getHorizontalResolution() and Display.getVerticalResolution() report wrong values
Version(s): 7.0+ (Only on the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930), fixed in
Details: On the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930, the Display.getHorizontalResolution() and Display.getVerticalResolution() methods report an incorrect value of 9961 PPM. The correct value for these phone models is 11299 PPM. Any code that depends on the results of these methods will need a device-model-specific workaround.

Surprisingly, the almost-identical P'9981 phone model does not have this bug and reports correct values.

Title: DeviceCapability.isRotationSupported() incorrectly returns true
Version(s): and earlier, observed on the BlackBerry Bold 9900
Details: The DeviceCapability.isRotationSupported() API incorrectly returns true on the above-mentioned phone/OS. Since rotation and virtual keyboard support are typically implemented together, DeviceCapability.isVirtualKeyboardSupported() can be used as a workaround.