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BlackBerry Developers Wiki

This is the unofficial wiki for BlackBerry development, intended as a home for all resources not easily found on the official sites and to create a community knowledgebase.

We aim to collect knowledge for:

For tablet development, also check out the PlayBook wiki.

Official sites

Local information

BlackBerry OS resources

BlackBerry 10 / Tablet OS resources

  • Getting Started - References for getting started
  • PlayBook Apps - A list of PlayBook apps designed by the developer community.
  • Android - The PlayBook Android Player lets you run Java-only Android apps.
  • WebWorks - HTML5 applications targeting both BlackBerry OS and the PlayBook.
  • Adobe AIR - Allows packaging Flex and ActionScript applications ("Adobe Flash") for the PlayBook. Can also target Apple's iOS devices and Google's Android platform.
  • Native - Allows you to compile C and C++ code for the PlayBook.
  • Qt - Uses the Native SDK to run Qt apps on the PlayBook.
  • Marmalade - Third-party SDK which allows cross-platform development. Popularly used by EA for their games.

Related sites

News sites

Resource sites

Community discussions

Developer blogs

Open-source projects