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Source code on this wiki

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Bookmark tips

  • Use your Wikipedia account's user page(s) for work, and then copy over here; that way you'll avoid having to fill in a captcha for each save / interim version you create.
  • Use the "Create Link" extension with the following format string. Note using the em dashes is useful as it makes it easier to manipulate the links programmatically later if needed (it's a good field separator).
* '''%title%''' — %text% — %url%

Projects I manage

QNX pkgsrc mirror

  • QNX pkgsrc mirror | — Read-only mirror of QNX pkgsrc. Needed because people without super-fast and low-latency internet connections will need to use svn+ssh:// to avoid timeouts, as there are a whole lot of small files, and upstream doesn't support svn+ssh// access. —
  • The QNX pkgsrc Open Source Project on Open Hub — The Open Hub computes statistics on FOSS projects by examining source code and commit history in source code management systems. —


Fossil SCM App

If I ever do a bb10 fossil distributed version control app, it'll be hosted at - I think this will basically come down to making a skin/theme that renders well on small screens; it's very possible someone has already done this; need to search.


For #BlackBerryDev IRC I've found WeeChat running in tmux accessed via mosh to work well on desktops / laptops. For BlackBerry 10, WeeChat has a relay plugin that acts a lot like an IRC Bouncer.

The WeeChat Android Relay Client works well on the BlackBerry Passport. Only annoying thing is slow access to the / key due to the pop-up keyboard; on my Todo list is to submit a patch that would allow an option for an app-provided virtual / key to the left of the text input box; shouldn't be too hard, as there is already an option for an app-provided virtual tab key to the right. (All of the WeeChat stuff is open source and well documented.)

If you like GUIs when at desktop/laptop computers, WeeChat also has those as relay clients. A modern IRC experience is a good guide to using the HTML5 option. QT, Emacs, and Javascript clients also exist; look at the "Remote Interfaces" section at WeeChat Downloads.

Wiki Templates

A good source of MediaWiki templates without a shitton of deps is the Wikia Templates Wiki.

Templates I've added for use in projects

Wiki Backups

I backup most of this wiki because I'm paranoid. Since getting settings right was annoying, here's the backup script.

cd /afs/
rm .tmpfile bb10qnx.pages 2>/dev/null
cat bb10qnx.urls | while read line; do
    curl -B -s "$line" > .tmpfile
    xmlstarlet sel -t -v '//*[@id="mw-content-text"]/ul/li/a/text()' .tmpfile >> bb10qnx.pages
# sed 's/\ /_/g'  instead of cat below if making list manually.
cat bb10qnx.pages | sed 's;^;;g' > .bb10qnx.pages
httrack --list .bb10qnx.pages -N %h%p/%n%q.xml >/dev/null 2>&1
rc=$?; if [[ $rc != 0 ]]; then echo "$0: httrack exited with error code $rc"; exit $rc; fi

This requires a bb10qnx.urls file, with contents: